Android Ransomware Infects LG Smart TV

December 28th 2016

Android Ransomware Infects LG Smart TV

Security firms have been warning us for more than a year about the possibility of Android malware jumping from phones and tablets to other Android-powered devices, such smart TVs. The latest incident involving ransomware on a smart TV involves software engineer Darren Cauthon, who revealed that the LG smart TV of one of his family members was infected with ransomware right on Christmas day.


Ransomware asks for $500 to unlock device, LG asks for $340 to help

TV infected by installing mysterious app

Asked to detail how he got infected with the ransomware, Cauthon said "They [the relatives] said they downloaded an app to watch a movie. Halfway thru movie, tv froze. Now boots to this."

It is unclear at this moment if Cauthon's relative downloaded an app from the official Play Store, or from a third-party source.

Twitter users didn't wait for this confirmation, and one user was quick to answer Cauthon: "Someone downloaded an app on an ancient tv to watch pirated movies. Suddenly all SmartTVs are bad?"


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